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Gadget's wardrobe

Written by Oleg
Translated by Tanka
Corrected by bock's car 509

Everyday clothes

It's known that in her daily life Gadget prefers practical overalls, sometimes called a Jump Suit.

The collar of these overalls is always up, a very attractive detail in my opinion. Under the overalls we almost always see a white T-shirt. I think it's a T-shirt, not a vest. Though who knows... The suit is bound with a wide, dark belt at the waist. (The waist, by the way, is very thin. :)

And there's a detail in addition to the everyday overalls: machine, or aviation goggles. They are used for both dust and wind protection, and for welding. It has been suggested that the goggles were a gift from her father, and she wears them as a talisman. I don't know. Most likely, they are just a practical and necessary thing, a detail.

While watching the series, we see a few examples of headwear. Among them there are fur earlaps (obviously of artificial fur. Not a very good thing, I tried, a good wind gust, and you're done.), or just a flower, or a tropical cork helmet, or a miner's or even a military helmet. (The latter objects look as if they were made especially for mice. It's either a result of mouse-industry, or a present.) There were moments when her head was quite uncovered... (by the way, my favorites)

Like this... The change of the overalls' color, from aqua, to light-blue, blue violet, and lavender, gives credence to the likelihood that she has at least four sets. And considering the fact that her work, or hobby, if you prefer; comes with a great probability of getting dirty, (on screen, we always see her clean), one can reasonably assume she has at least three suits of every color. Thus, we have 12 suits as a minimum. The other extreme is that she regually gets new ones as she needs them.

That only covers the overalls.

Winter clothes

Well, besides overalls, she has two sets of winter clothes - resembling something between a furcoat and a topcoat - of two different colors, plus mittens.

By the way, she wears the same overalls under the furcoat. (I wonder if it consists of one or two parts. I think it's only one. If true, then it's not that easy to put it on, and that would be funny to look at from the outside.)

I'm a bit surprised at the absence of pockets that are common for work overalls. The same with fasteners. If the suit consists of one part, she would have to put it on through the collar, and that's quite inconvenient. Then she would have difficulties in putting her pelvis through the narrow part in the waist. In this case fasteners or cuts would be necessary. The cuts or fasteners would be covered with a belt. Maybe the suit consists of two parts - a jacket and trousers, and the joint is either closed or coincides with the belt line. Anyway I think it's one piece, and the necessary zipper, (in front, as it's not an evening dress that would be hard put on without external help), is just ignored, together with many other small details.

Then we have a red evening dress, a-la "femme fatale", that really makes my fingers shiver. By the way, this is the only time when Gadget uses make-up. Some people think that it doesn't suit her, but I probably will allow myself to disagree.


There's also a rare chance to observe a new hairstyle. A very nice one, isn't it? The fringe seems longer.
Hmm... The latest data says it's a wig.

This suggests that there is some heavy armament in Gadget's feminine arsenal! Devilishly funny, isn't it? Well, she hasn't borrowed it all, has she? This begs more questions. First, what is the reason for using a wig that looks very like her own hair? Second, how does a wig fit over Gadget's rich hair? I'm afraid she would have to cut her hair to wear a wig.

There're also some adornments. Is she "mannish"? Is she "wishing to be like a boy"? Pah! I don't remember who said it to me.

In this frame we see overalls of a color very unusual for Gadget. It may be explained that the cola dyed them, as it is unlikely she could have changed into a different pair! Maybe it's a chameleon type of suit that changes color according to its owner's mood.

A typical cartoon invention.


Comment by SVZ

The author supposes that the overalls became orange because of the cola. This is usually thought to be the case. The same is thought about the brown goggles in the passage on head-wear.

Летняя одежда.

ooooooh, I'm crazy. ;)


Here is a solid supplement to the wardrobe. Besides, it lets us know that Gadget's overalls are for working, and not neccessarily for everyday clothes. The presence of many others clothes allow us to conclude that Gadget isn't as conservative as she is often portrayed, that she isn't indifferent to the others opinion of her appearance, and has a certain femininity she is aware of, and cultivates. (If she has worn make-up once, then she HAS cosmetics. Make your own conclusions.) (Please excuse a technician for his crooked explanations, I hope you understand what I mean...)

I'm writing this because there is an opinion that Gadget is quite naive, and doesn't think about anything like this, doesn't pay attention to anything, and often behaves.... shall we say.... unfeminine? That is, that she often acts in ways one doesn't normally associate with female behavior.

Then, one more question to you.

What does it mean? Where is it from? What's going on? I haven't seen it. It's a rare moment when Gadget wears shoes! And honestly, I don't like it,


Comment by SVZ

This screenshot is taken from episode #55 (Dirty Rotten Diapers). These clothes cannot be classified as part of Gadget's wardrobe because they are, at least from my understanding, borrowed from toys.

A few frames earlier, Gadget had a toy hairstyle besides toy clothes. A funny hairstyle. And not only Gadget had it. Look! Do you recognize?


Then we also have a swimming suit. And it's quite obviously a child's model. One more proof of who she was associated with by her creators. And I sometimes give her age as 24, when answering questions about the subject. :) Anyway what large pelvic bones she has... Oops. Better pass on talking about her anatomy. Though from this point of view, this picture (together with some others) is of certain interest.

One more interesting moment, here she wears not goggles, but some sort of head band. What is it?


Comment by Mister B.

You write that a swimming suit with a skirt is a child's model. That's not quite correct. Such swim suits are worn not just by children. There was a period when such skirted swim suits were popular among girls (almost the same suits as Gadget's). And in Europe, such models are not rare even now. I have regulary been abroad since 1997, and saw girls (about 20-30 years old) wearing similar swimsuits with my own eyes.



Then there's a training suit.


Plus a nightgown. Of two different colors. By the way she looks remarkable - even better than in her red gown. Though that's a matter of opinion. =)

Maybe she keeps all these clothes, maybe she buys them, maybe she stores them somewhere. But if she buys or stores them, where does she keep them? The wardrobe seems really impressive.

That's all, seems like I haven't forgotten anything... If I have, I'll write later.



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