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Written by Oleg

Translated by Tanka

Corrected by Framwinkle

Animated characters tend to deform, especially those drawn by hand. Outside of the West, however, films animated by computer are rare. I won't touch the other members of the team, since they are deformed often and strongly.

As always I'll take the beloved and adorable Gadget.


So, they say that all cases of deformation are caused by external factors, such as somebody pulling something, usually the tail,


or Gadget is flattened by something,


or is struck by a blow.


But there is at least one scene in which the deformation was caused by other reasons, such as by cheese, and other tasty things, in particular.

This means that Gadget acts under the same animation "laws" as other characters, making it possible for her to carry things like glass cutters and huge rolls of protective tape on her person. This is also evidence of her high endurance level, for if Monty can manage to survive after being flattened, then Gadget could evidently do the same. The series creators decided, though, that they shouldn't overdo such things, especially with Gadget, and it means that most dangers which the Rangers have to handle are not really dangers. However, this fact doesn't make the show less interesting. As with any other art, everything here is based on symbols and associations. That's why a masher or a press are only the symbols of danger. (FatCat was mashed by one of these, too, yet survived.) All in all, it seemed a little bit interesting to me.

Furthermore, Gadget is constructed in such a way that if you look at her model sheet, you would think that she would have difficulty touching the crown of her head. Nevertheless, she does it easily because of her extremities' ability to freely stretch and deform, which can be noticed only by looking closely.


By the way, this image is used by the supporters of the theory that Gadget has skin and not fur.


Addition by SVZ

The characters withstand different deformations rather easily, as any drawn creatures should. But I'd argue on the danger reality. At least in four scenes, (I can't recall more right now,) they were put in jeopardy of being cut into pieces, or becoming minced meat. I'm not sure they would survive it without pain, even if we remember that they are drawn. Maybe that's the reason why such dangers have never been realized.



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