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Written by Oleg
Translated by Tanka
Corrected by bock's car 509

Now we'll touch on the head-wear that was missed in the previous article. As you know, the head is one of the most important parts of, with your permission, a body. It fulfills a thinking function, and is used for eating meals, external communications, providing the organism with oxygen, and may fulfill additional communicative functions without vocalizing (Head nods, eye winking, etc.). In addition, depending on the owner, it serves as a decoration of, pardon, a body. Besides, there are a few important navigating sensors located in the head.

Nowadays, permanent and hot disputes are held in the highest scientific circles on the idea of whether the head is an extremity or not, but a single answer hasn't been found yet.

As we see from the previous sentences, the head is a very important and sensible organ, and we should do our best to take care of it, to protect it from external influences (mechanical, thermal, chemical, etc.) and often to decorate it too.

A line of helmets is used to protect the head. Let's see the corresponding images:

A basic safety helmet made of, by all appearances, a lone tennis ball. The material is rather thick and soft.


The same helmet, but white. So we have a variety of helmets. Does Gadget choose by color, or at random? On the other hand I don't remember the other Rangers using the same helmets. Though they should.

The main question of using these helmets, is where Gadget's ears are while wearing them. As it fits the head very closely, the ears must be pressed against the head. That evidently isn't comfortable at all. Maybe the presence of vent-holes decreases the feeling of discomfort?


Gadgte doesn't wear her goggles at all times. Sometimes her head stays uncovered (an illustration can be found in the previous article), and sometimes she puts a flower into her hair. The result is very nice. Probably the best.


Gadget is likely the second ranking cook in the team. (Though it causes complaints that the food tastes like machine oil.) And this status cannot be held without a chef's cap.


This head-dress was received after solving the kiwis' problem. So we add to the collection an exotic thing that could be placed on the wall for decoration, or just put on a shelf. And yes, it may be worn too.


And in conclusion, the goggles. They can be seen in the illustration. The most interesting moment, is that a second before, they weren't on, as Gadget had just gotten up.


The fact that she sleeps without the goggles is confirmed by a most impudent, insolent, and impertinent spy's picture. (The picture got a prize at the paparazzi festival.)


Best of all they can be seen in this screenshot.

By the way the goggles can become brown, together with the overalls. Or is there a whole set of goggles too?! :)

Comment by SVZ

The author supposed that the overalls became orange because of the cola. So it seems. Most fans agree with this conclusion. The same would hold true about the brown goggles in the passage on head-wear in the article on Gadget's wardrobe.

Now we'll leave Gadget, and look at the other members of the team.


These garments are Dale's idea for aviation. Consisting of dark glasses, a steel Samurai helmet, and a yellow scarf. he also sports a riding-crop in his hand. (I wonder WHOM he rides?) Looks like Vader. (Does everyone know who Vader is? :) ) Very nice.


The team's sport suits. Sports shirts, shorts... And a band around the heads - see for yourself - (I don't know what these things are called. =)


There's a band on Dale's head that reminds me of a Japanese influence again. Such a Samurai sweeper. {Not sure what this phrase is supposed to mean, so I left it intact. bock's} And we see an apron too.


Comment by SVZ

Strictly speaking, it's not Dale, but an alien copying his appearance. :)


Sometimes the Rangers have a need for disguises. An example is seen in this image. In this case, they were disguised as kiwi birds while trying to recover their plane. They almost succeeded, and we can conclude that this type of disguise was effective.


The episode with the Mummy is the best example of this problem. Zipper wears a wide-brimmed straw hat to protect his head from the hot Egyptian sun. A rare moment when Zipper wears something on his head. The following events are known: Chinese garments (could be seen in one of the images), a knitted winter cap, a war helmet, and this hat.

The lower is Monty in an arabian head-dress. What style! - a real oil sheik! =)

Chip remains in his multi-purpose hat, Gadget has a tropical helmet on her head. By the way it fits fine but bends her ears down to the floor. The most interesting head-wear is Dale's. This is an army kepi and a neckerchief that were famous with dispatch forces, the Germans, the French, and the English in particular. They were also used in the Middle East and Africa. {Note: A version of the kepi was used by Union and Confederate armies in The American Civil War. bock's}

I wonder what has caused this choice? The kepi is, IMHO, French.

Comment by Mister B.

Such kepis were, and are worn, not only by the Germans, but by the French and the English. American soldiers who serve in Africa and the Middle East wore, and wear such kepis and neckerchieves. It's an element of military dress for men serving there.



Here's a panoramic view of the Chipmunks' night shirts and caps. By the way Dale shows inclination to the same style. Both have caps. I don't understand what is the good in them. (will buy one, and try and inform you. ;)


After a thorough investigation, we decided that the rumors that Zipper was used as a hat, are a little bit exaggerated.


And here are winter clothes in the image. As we see, only Gadget isn't wearing a hat. A frost-resistant mouse? As though she really has relatives in Arkhangelsk.




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