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Special equipment

Written by Oleg
Translated by Tanka
Corrected by bock's car 509

I'll ask you to pay attention to the following images.


In the article on Gadget's clothes, I didn't comment on diving and space suits.

Today we'll talk about both these important, but not often used, types of clothes, or even equipment. Here are the images.

These suits have simular construction, but the space-suit is made of a glove, and is provided with a jet-pack that works with a jet of gas, that is contained in balloons under pressure. The space suit is self-contained, unlike the diving-suit, which nedded an air line going to the surface. The diving-suit is made on the same principle as the space-suit, but from something other than a glove. To decrease the buoyancy of the suit, there are special weights affixed to the boots. (Though I'm not sure in it.)


Here is a rare image of military attire in the show. All the members of the team have steel helmets on, the helmets have a style between English and American types used in World War II. Zipper looks like a Japanese occupant, as they were drawn in old posters. That's from one of the unshown, (In Russia), episodes, I'd have remembered it if I ever saw it before. (And as far as I remember, this episode showed that Gadget could handle a grenade launcher.)



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