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Do you like the show characters? Do you want to write a story, to draw an image, or maybe to compose a poem or invent something else? Or maybe you already have something interesting that can be placed in the HQ?

If so,then you are welcome! We will be glad to see any of your work dedicated to the Rescue Rangers and their friends, and will gladly host them on our website.

There are, however, several rules you have to follow:

1. Terms:

Content - all data in digital format.

Website - the totality of files that include content, hosted at a certain webserver.

Server (host) - a computer connected to the internet that provides information according to the set rules.

2. Common:

For setting these rules we used chapter 4 of the federal law of the Russian Federation "On the mass media" dd 19/07/1995 N114-FZ, and common sense. Other laws may apply, check your local laws.

3. Prohibited Content:

3.1. Any kind of pornography.

3.2. Any naturalistic descriptions of threats of death or physical harm, or acts of violence toward any individual, or group of individuals, not depending on their species or nature.

3.3. Naturalistic descriptions of some life processes.

3.4. Any descriptions of unmotivated aggression, violence or cruelty and any means to propagandize it.

3.5. Any popularisation of national, social or religious intolerance.

3.6. Any use of unprintable words or scurrilous attacks.

4. Safety of content

We garantee safe keeping of all content, with the exception of acts beyond our ability to control.

Content can be deleted only on its author's (or group of authors') wish, or on the demand of the server administration.


Where to go
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